Looking for extra storage space offsite? Store extra stock,
tools or materials, in our secure shipping containers. We
offer a choice of sizes, short and long term storage options
and affordable prices - all at our convenient Braeside
storage facility.

Secure and dry container storage

Whether you need a convenient offsite location to store materials for your business, or you're
looking for affordable, dry storage for excess household or office goods, we can help. We have a
range of permanent shipping containers available for hire in our Braeside storage facility, with easy
access whenever you need.
short and long term options
Short & long term options
Driveway access
Driveway Access
choice of 10 and 20ft containers
Choice of 10 and 20ft containers
cheaper option than self storage
Cheaper option than self storage
free, convenient access 7 days
Free, convenient access 7 days

Storage Prices

Choose to park your own container or hire one of our 20ft containers to store your materials.
Your shipping container is located at our secure Braeside storage facility, with 24 hour CCTV monitoring.
Perfect for tools, excess household goods and capable of storing the contents of a 3 bedroom house.
BYO Container

from $220 per month

Small container
Park your Container
Bring your own container and store it in our secure yard. We can also arrange transportation for you.
20ft Container

$345 per month

Large container
20ft Container
Hire one of our containers. Fits bulky materials, household goods and small machinery. Capacity to store a 3 bedroom house of furniture.

Calculate, book & store - easy!

Request quote
Choose one of our 20ft containers
or bring your own container.
Book storage
Book your container storage
online, or call & we'll
do it over the phone.
Store your materials or goods.
With easy access 7 days
a week.

Inside our shipping containers

Our shipping containers are dry and protected f rom wind and rain, with the option of adding steel shelving units for more convenient storing. All containers are located in our storage yard which is protected with 24 hr CCTV.

What can I store?

Our insulated shipping containers are ideal for storing materials, tools and excess goods you don't have space for. Although they are water tight, condensation can build up inside the container. For this reason, we do not recommend storing highly valuable furniture or items that could be damaged.

Why shipping container storage is better than self storage

Here are the key advantages of choosing a shipping container over traditional self-storage:
  • Drive-Up Access: Easy loading and unloading directly at the container, eliminating corridors and elevators.
  • Cost-Effective: Often provides more space for your money, offering budget-friendly storage solutions.
  • Ground Floor Placement: Convenient ground-level placement without the need for stairs or lifts.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust steel construction provides greater security for your belongings.
  • Weatherproof Design: Protects items from the elements, ensuring they remain safe from moisture and other environmental factors.

We think inside your container

We are always looking for ways to think inside the box in relation to all things storage. Whatever your container related storage requirements are, we can find a solution for you.
We can assist with:
  • Container stacking with our onsite container forklift
  • Dedicated onsite area for container modifications/fitouts such as for container bars, container cafe/restaurants
  • Depot for container transfer from truck to truck

Ready To Get Storage?

Affordable Storage provides secure storage options for everything you need to store. From warehouse pallet storage for businesses, to car and caravan storage. Your stock and valuables are always safe and secure, with easy access, and for a price you never need to think about.